The Lean Healthcare Summit 2017 will include a mix of plenary presentations and workshop and discussion sessions.

The current programme is as follows:

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Breakaway sessions

Lean Leadership in Healthcare – Dr John Toussaint and Dr Stefan Metzker 
This breakaway session is aimed at senior management and lean leaders. It will be in the form of a discussion with these two lean healthcare leaders.

Our Province’s experience with lean management – Dr Heather Tuffin, Western Cape Health and Gauteng Health (facilitators to be confirmed)
Western Cape Health and Gauteng Health will share their lean journeys so far.

Reality Lean: watch this space – Western Cape Department of Health – Dr Heather Tuffin
Books we read about Lean are subject to “Survivor Bias”, where the book is written because that organisation has succeeded in their Lean transformation efforts (as opposed to those who don’t write about their complete failure to transform). Somewhere in chapter 7, one paragraph assures us that “the transformation was not without its problems and failures, so please don’t think this is straight or easy task, it took us [fill in the blanks] years to get to where we are”, or something along those lines, but we don’t get a sense of the blood, sweat and tears, the “recalculating” along the way.

As the newly formed Collaborative Healthcare Improvement office, we are at the beginning of our Lean journey. Rather than wait until years down the line to publish our success story (or not!), we want to let you in right from the start, to watch and learn with us as we go. We will share what we are doing, why we’ve chosen certain routes, the alternatives we’ve debated, all BEFORE we know how it turns out. In the true spirit of Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA), we’ve put our predictions out there, and would like to invite you to learn with us.

Introduction to Lean Thinking – Rose Heathcote
Curious about Lean Thinking? Wondering what it entails and how it can help you meet your goals for excellence in Healthcare? Join Rose Heathcote for an interactive Introduction to Lean Thinking where she will share with you the key principles in a practical setting. Following a quick simulation activity, you will learn the basic elements coupled with real-life Healthcare examples.