Introduction to Lean

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Workshop cost and schedule: R6950 excl. VAT per participant (see below for 3 possible discounts on this amount).

Workshop dates in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2018:

Definitive Conferencing
Cape Town
UCT Graduate School of Business
6 & 7 March 2018

27 & 28 August 2018

1 & 2 March 2018

20 & 21 August 2018

Discounts: There are 3 possible discounts, and it is possible to use more than one. Download the factsheet for more information.

For any queries around these discounts or a quotation, please contact the LIA office on [email protected] or 021 406 1226.

Workshop summary: Understanding comes from doing.  So this introductory course tells you ‘about’ lean but also uses repeated cycles of an experiential learning game to allow understanding to develop.  The workshop is designed for participants from all backgrounds, manufacturing, services, or government, to learn the basic principles, tools and practices of lean management.

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Terms and Conditions:

Submission of a registration form shall be deemed to be acceptance of the organiser’s terms and conditions, as outlined below, and shall be jointly and severally binding on the applicant and the applicant’s corporate entity. The workshop is contingent on a minimum number of registered participants signing up for the workshop. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, Lean Institute Africa reserves the right to cancel or postpone the workshop and will notify registered participants of any changes.  Workshop registration fees will be refunded to participants if the event is cancelled and they cannot attend an alternative workshop date. Please be advised that if you are making travel arrangements to attend the workshop, Lean Institute Africa cannot be held responsible for any associated travel or accommodation expenses, or associated cancellation fees resulting from a cancelled workshop. In the event of participant cancellation, 50% of fees will be credited, provided cancellation in writing is received at least 5 working days prior to the event.  After that date, no credits or refunds will be made.

Introduction to Lean evaluations – feedback from workshop participants
This is what participants had to say in response to the question ‘what did you find most useful in the workshop?

  • Learning to see with a purpose. Problem identification steps.
  • The idea that I can try and improve my own work processes at work and reduce waste and keep my work area well managed, clean and organised.
  • The way in which we can/ should go about adding value / problem solving. To be active about it “Go see”. Be open minded and how to apply ways to benefit/  add benefit to a system.
  • The practice exercises, because the principles/ plans normally look good on paper but may in actual fact require a lot of tweaking. They also make it okay/ acceptable to be wrong as the lean concept revolves around continuous improvement. The exercises really show many different aspects of “lean”.
  • The game as a practical example [of lean]. By doing and doing you learn so much more.
  • The value stream mapping. The visualisation is really useful.
  • The practical exercise was most useful. I learnt a lot by playing the game, all of which I am able to apply in the workplace.
  • The simplicity and clear manner in which the workshop was presented. Norman conveyed the message and principles of lean in a manner in which any lean ‘beginner’ can understand.
  • Get organised and eliminate waste and save money and time.
  • The game was brilliant. It gave me an opportunity to experience an end-to-end process flow. It was useful to be a part of the process to identify wastes & find opportunities for improvement.