Kata in the classroom

The Kata in the Classroom session is a short (50 minute) session that teaches an exercise which helps the learner grow a scientific mindset that enables them to comfortably and competently face, and meet, increasingly difficult challenges.


The purpose of Mike Rother’s Kata in the Classroom (KiC) session is to demonstrate the KiC exercise with participants, and equip them to run the exercise in their own organisation. The KiC exercise introduces the four steps of the Improvement Kata (IK) pattern in a hands-on way, with teams following the scientific IK pattern to establish a goal and then experimenting toward it from round to round. Although it was designed to help schoolteachers teach habits of scientific thinking, the KiC exercise is used by companies and consultants around the world.

Who should participate

Anyone interested in introducing people to the scientific Improvement Kata pattern through a simple, hands-on exercise.

What do I need to run the session?

Mike is very generous in sharing the material to present the Kata in the classroom session. Download all the material you need here, including the presentations with notes. If you would like to order a prepared Kata in the Classroom kit, you can do so by emailing the Lean Institute Africa on leaninfo@gsb.uct.ac.za. The kit includes the puzzle, stationery and forms needed to run the exercise. We recommend ordering a minimum of 5 kits, as each group of 5 participants in the session needs one kit.

For more general information, please visit www.katatogrow.com, or watch this short introductory video below: