Most research conducted by LIA is done in association with MBA students of the UCT Graduate School of Business. Below is a list of past research reports. Please contact the GSB library directly on 021 406 1331 to request a free copy of the research reports.


Bezuidenhout, Cerina
Assessing lean startup approaches in a corporate setting, UCT, GSB, 2016.

Carstens, Wiehahn
Assessing the operational improvements accrued from the implementation of lean principles at a South African printing company, UCT, GSB, 2016.

De Mac-Mahon, Pelagie
What are the mental models, beliefs and assumptions that underlie K-Way’s adoption of lean thinking, UCT, GSB, 2016.

Maritz, Andries
ACSESim: Agile and Lean software development in practice – a teaching case, UCT, GSB, 2016.

Petla, Ednah
Application of lean principles to procurement process in a South African Government Institution, UCT, GSB, 2016.

Rousseau, Johnathan
Motivating Line Workers in Lean Manufacturing Environments, UCT, GSB, 2016.

Vidhani, Himansha
Standard The Evolution of Lean Thinking at Tektex – where to next: Teaching Case Study, UCT, GSB, 2016.


Ackerman, Ange
Standard work practices and their contribution to the sustainability of a Lean Daily Management System in health care, UCT, GSB, 2015.

Anderson, Andrew
Lean thinking at “The Grand Africa”: A case study to determine to what extent does the implementation of lean thinking at “Grand Africa” match Liker’s overarching principles of the Toyota Way, UCT, GSB, 2015.

Archer, Ed
Efficacy of the use of the A3 method to improve triage waiting time and accuracy in the Emergency Department of a Western Cape tertiary teaching hospital, UCT, GSB, 2015.

Baisley, Grant 
The Bushido of Lean Leadership: The correlation between the principles of lean leadership and the principles of lean management, UCT, GSB, 2015.

Lipsitz, Jared
Triage process improvement at a Western Cape Secondary Level Hospital: What are the factors that have aided and hindered implementation and sustainability? UCT, GSB, 2015.

Munshi, Fatima
Key enablers of Prestige Clothing’s above –average KPI performance compared to industry peers: The effect of lean thinking, culture and affective commitment, UCT, GSB, 2015.

Nene, Thabani
Adaptive Lean Thinking Principles into the Product Development Process at Pfisterer (Pty) Ltd: how can this improve lead times on final product delivery to customers? UCT, GSB, 2015.

Witting, Georg
Breaking china for the customer –  Entrepreneurial spirit and continuous improvement in a Learning Organisation, UCT, GSB, 2015.


Kellas Robert
Lean in the hospitality industry: Implementing lean thinking tools at the Vineyard Bakery, UCT, GSB, 2014

Scholtz, Elsa
A teaching case report: The Vineyard Hotel’s room service improvement project focused on tray collection and underpinned by Lean Thinking, UCT, GSB, 2014

Wijs, Marcel
Why Lean Works, UCT, GSB, 2014


Noordermeer, Waldo
Lean Start-Up principles : Exploring transferability to the South African Context, UCT, GSB, 2013

Thobejane, Tshepo
Lean management in outpatient processes of a South African public sector hospital, UCT, GSB, 2013


Buehler, Riccardo
Applying Lean Principles in a High-Mix, Low-Volume Service Business, UCT, GSB, 2012

Cornelius, Sharna
Sustaining lean improvements in a South African district court, UCT, GSB, 2012

Mudaliar, Priti
Identifying fit and clashes between characteristics of a typical Telkom IT project and principles of lean software development, UCT, GSB, 2012


Soma-Patel, Anushka
What are some of the Main Enablers and Barriers to Sustaining Lean in Financial Services Administration Teams? UCT, GSB, 2012

Andrew, Ryan
An Investigation into Levelled Scheduling at a Food Flavourings Manufacturer, UCT, GSB, 2011

Baylis, Casey
The relationship between integrative improvement system practices and operational performance, UCT, GSB, 2011

Coetzee, Laetitia
Using an A3 mind-set to solve a quality problem in a weighing process, UCT, GSB, 2011

Dave, Keyur,
The Prevalence of Leader Standard Work at Old Mutual, UCT, GSB, 2011

Garisch, Cara
FlavourCraft (Pty) Ltd: The Beef Stock Granule Story, UCT, GSB, 2011

Kaskar, Masooda
Factors Influencing The Sustainability Of Lean Process Improvements In Healthcare, UCT, GSB, 2011

Moodley, Melvin
Implementing and Sustaining Lean in an Emergency Department, UCT, GSB, 2011


Cooper, Lynda
Factors influencing the sustainability of lean improvements in healthcare: an investigation to uncover the underlying mechanisms underpinning actions behaviours and outcomes impacting the sustainability of lean thinking process improvements as implemented at G.F.Jooste hospital, UCT GSB, 2010.

Frank, Duane
Application of the theory of constraints and the CAM-1 model to a manufacturing facility with constrained resources, UCT GSB, 2010.

Reuning, Kai
Applying the Glenday Sieve: Simulating inventory levels at Amalgamated Beverage Industries, UCT GSB, 2010.

Sale, Mahomed Samir
Using the A3 management process to promote process improvements in supply chain management in a national department of the South African public sector, UCT GSB, 2010.


Brown, Mike
An emperical investigation in to the relationship between supply chain quality management and product delivery reliability, UCT GSB, 2009.

Friderichs, Craig
An experiment in a lean services environment: An A3 approach in a community health centre, UCT GSB, 2009.

Jhavary, Bilal
An investigation into the application of the Glenday Sieve and inventory buffer tanks in a packaging production plant, UCT GSB, 2009.

Le Roux, Jaco
Exploring the benefits of applying the Glenday Sieve to scheduling in a fishing company, UCT GSB, 2009.

Lefetogile, Miriam
The application of the Glenday Sieve to an FMCG product line, UCT GSB, 2009.

Ndlovu, Lucia
An exploratory study of the effectiveness of the preferential procurement policy within selected companies in the food & beverages sector in South Africa, UCT GSB, 2009.

Plowden, Craig
A study of the implementation of a reverse logistics model at a retailer and how it can improve customer service while being cost effective, UCT GSB, 2009.

Rivet, Hugues
The implementation of operational excellence program at Phoenix Beverages Limited, UCT GSB, 2009.

Titus, Andre
Buyer-supplier relationships: the impact of the external environment on relationships and firm performance, UCT GSB, 2009.

Wessels, Sas
Analysing the success and determining the key success factors of a process improvement initiative within AngloGold Ashanti Limited, UCT GSB, 2009.


Du Toit, Anel
Looking beyond disaster: the applicability of lean in the disaster management environment, UCT GSB, 2008.

Geldenhuys, Konrad
Olam international: creating competitive advantage at the origin of the supply chain, UCT GSB, 2008.

Inggs, Christopher
Lean implementation in a public healthcare setting, UCT GSB, 2008.

Khumalo, Lucretia
BHP Billiton energy coal South Africa implementing six sigma and lean, UCT GSB, 2008.

Maqsood, Mohammed Siddiqui
Strategic supply management and firm performance: A Saudi Arabian perspective, UCT GSB, 2008.

Parenzee, Sergio
A critical assessment of energy efficiency and demand- side management programs in South Africa and their role in restoring electricity supply security, UCT GSB, 2008.

van Zyl, Francois
Project management of time-critical projects with constrained subcontractor capabilities: lessons learnt in the steel industry, UCT GSB, 2008.


De Richelieu, Anthony
The lean initiative in Old Mutual SA, UCT GSB, 2007.

Roberts, Steve
Implementation of lean management operational practices in a small owner-managed business, UCT GSB, 2007.

Smit, Abre
Why don’t projects meet expectations at Anglo Platinum, and what can be done about it, UCT GSB, 2007.

Van den Berg, Theo
The lean six sigma initiative at Standard Bank: driving continuous improvement, UCT GSB, 2007.


Jugdeo, Kameel
SABMiller Plc: Increasing throughput capacity, UCT GSB, 2005.


Khomo, Jomo and Maharaj, Rambo
What are the key principles that need to be present to achieve an effective implementation of operation strategy?, UCT GSB, 2004.


Delport, Llewellyn and Glass, Richard
Successful implementation: A case study of Namakwa Sands’ materials improvement initiative, UCT GSB, 2002.

Truran, Glen and Van der Merwe, Pierre
An assessment of company X’s implementation approach to six sigma, UCT GSB, 2002.