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Most research conducted by LIA is done in association with MBA students of the UCT Graduate School of Business. Please contact the GSB library directly on 021 406 1331  library@gsb.uct.ac.za to request a free copy of the research reports.

The Kata in the Classroom session is a short (50 minute) session that teaches an exercise which helps the learner grow a scientific mindset that enables them to comfortably and competently face, and meet, increasingly difficult challenges.


The purpose of Mike Rother’s Kata in the Classroom (KiC) session is to demonstrate the KiC exercise with participants, and equip them to run the exercise in their own organisation. The KiC exercise introduces the four steps of the Improvement Kata (IK) pattern in a hands-on way, with teams following the scientific IK pattern to establish a goal and then experimenting toward it from round to round.

Download all the material you need here.  If you would like to order a prepared Kata in the Classroom kit, please get in touch at leaninfo@gsb.uct.ac.za. The kit includes the puzzle, stationery and forms needed to run the exercise. We recommend ordering a minimum of 5 kits, as each group of 5 participants in the session needs one kit.

For more general information, please visit www.katatogrow.com, or watch this short introductory video below:


Below you will find links to lean resources on the internet. Please let us know if you find any other sites that you think should be added.

Lean Global Network
The website for all the lean institutes around the world. Check here to find the lean institute closest to you.

Lean Enterprise Academy
The British lean institute started by Dan Jones. Also a rich source of information and insight on lean management.

Lean Enterprise Institute
The American lean institute started by Jim Womack. It offers many resources such as blogs, newsletters, webinars and an online store.

Planet Lean
The official online magazine of Lean Global Network. Planet Lean brings you the best insights on lean from around the world.

Lean Post
The official online magazine of Lean Enterprise Institute. Lean Post shares how the world is making things better through lean.

Best Care… Always!
A campaign to spread best healthcare practice in Southern Africa.

Curious Cat
An eclectic selection of lean and other general management resources by John Hunter including a section on Public Sector Continuous Improvement

Gemba Academy
Lean resources, including podcasts to help you on your lean journey.

Gemba Panta Rei
The website of the Kaizen Institute. Also has a list of even more useful links.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
IHI is one of the leading disseminators of knowledge and practice on lean in healthcare (aka quality improvement) in America and around the world.

Lean Blog
The blog by Mark Graban, the author of “Lean Hospitals”, a regular commentator on lean topics of interest.

The Lean Edge
The site where leading lean thinkers air their views and respond to comments

Lean for NGOs
A community and website devoted to the application of lean in non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations

Lean Simulations
A collection of games and lean learning resources compiled by Martin Boersema

Toyota Kata
The home page of Mike Rother, the author of the book “Toyota Kata”, which challenges lean practitioners to maintain their improvement disciplines.

Training Within Industry
The Training Within Industry Institute website is a resource for TWI training, certification, coaching, networking, and education for the growing community of practitioners and trainers.