Lean Management the A3 Way

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Workshop cost and schedule: The 2-day LMA3 coaching workshop costs R7 750.00 excl. VAT per participant (see the Factseet for 3 possible discounts on this amount) and this cost includes a copy of Managing to Learn by John Shook. Register online or download the Form and email to [email protected].

Workshop Dates in Johannesburg and Cape Town 2018:

Definitive Conferencing
Cape Town
UCT Graduate School of Business
14 & 15 May 2018

11 & 12 September 2018

16 & 17 April 2018

4 & 5 September 2018

Discounts: There are 3 possible discounts, and it is possible to use more than one. See factsheet for more information.

Workshop summary: The Lean Management the A3 Way (LMA3) workshop is designed to equip organisations that have embarked on the lean transformation journey to strengthen a culture of problem-solving. It is an interactive workshop that uses the book Managing to Learn by John Shook. A3 coaching forms the key component of the workshop.  The workshop teaches tools that empower people to improve value delivery to customers, employees and other key stakeholders continuously. The approach is learning by doing.

Lean Management the A3 Way evaluations – feedback from workshop participants
This is what participants had to say in response to the questionwhat did you find most useful in the workshop?‘

  • The A3 tool: the best tool to manage your work and is an enabler to critical thinking.
  • Putting the training into practice as we moved through the book [Managing to Learn].
  • Getting good practical training on how to use A3 and what A3 really is.
  • Practising and reworking the A3 – and then discussing it in groups. Group learning, hearing questions that “challenge” your assumptions on your A3. Very useful.
  • Learning to become/switch to a more positive style of leadership.
  • A3 management tool itself. I can use it for all the 3s model levels.
  • Breaking down the A3 and actually addressing each subsection into more detail, plus creating more understanding. [The learning by doing exercise] taps into your thinking ability and thoughts.
  • The importance of 5s – housekeeping in an organisation. There is no perfect A3. Problem solving tools.
  • The cross-learning, the practice with the A3, the slides were great, so much learning from him [Prof Faull].
  • The interaction and reflection opportunities added so much value and gave periodic reflection to decide on what can be done at the workplace.  Also great information on books and websites to study.
  • A3 discussions and looking at other peoples A3 gives a clearer understanding.
  • Practicing an A3 presentation with my own problem.