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Confirmed Workshops

An Overview of Creating a Lean Management System
Kim Barnas, CEO, Catalysis

Half-day workshop

Hospitals have been relying on heroics and firefighting to save the day, resulting in a lot of people putting safety and quality at risk while increasing costs. Facing the need to improve, some have bravely turned to lean thinking. But this new way of thinking is incompatible with the old top-down, hero-based system of management that presides in today’s healthcare culture. Kim Barnas has a story to tell about how her team created a management system; one that is stable and lean, from frontline supervisors to the president that creates a new culture of continuous improvement. Through this journey, Barnas now has a necessary road map for a better healthcare system that can be customised for other organisations willing to face the rocky terrain ahead.


Global Competitiveness Workshop at Nibbly Bits Factory, Wellington
Mr Furuhashi, International Lean Consultant

Two-day off-site workshop – additional cost

See the factsheet and dedicated Furuhashi workshop page. Limited to 16 places.


Building systems for fail-proof Lean Implementation 
Jan Erasmus
, Director, Authentic Consulting

Full-day workshop

Lean principles have never failed in any organisation. However, the implementation of Lean has sometimes not succeeded.  The challenges with any improvement initiative are many. Some of these include issues like:

  • How to effectively align Lean with strategy?
  • How to effectively focus Lean in order to make the most impact on the business?
  • How to keep senior management’s commitment?
  • How to effectively engage everyone in the organisation?
  • How to sustain improvements made over the long term and continuously improve?

This workshop aims to enable you to understand what systems to build in your organisation  for successful Lean implementation. Successful Lean implementation is defined as establishing a continuous business improvement capability within people and processes.


Lean IT Simulation – Transforming IT  Processes with Lean Principles, Sudip Pal, Lean Leader, Ericsson India Global Services

Half-day workshop

This workshop simulates a typical IT application support process, demonstrates all lean principles and how effectively those are used to improve the process in sustainable way. This simulation game creates an understanding of how all the pieces of Lean fit together to increase flow, reduce costs and increase revenue. Objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  • Create an end-to-end process picture of the before and after lean deployment in an IT Organisation.
  • Introduce concept of lean deployment as a business strategy.
  • Demonstrate the use of lean tools for reducing inventory, waste, and cycle time of all IT processes, thereby improving customer satisfaction, profits and increase revenue.
  • To understand and embrace lean tools as one of the most effective strategies for improvement by World-Class Organisations.


Transforming your organisation’s Operating System: A Practical Session with Maersk Line


Jim Farara and Craig Parker, Transformation team for Africa Liner Operations Centre, Maersk Line

Half-day workshop

Participants will leave the session with practical skills to set up an operating system they could apply in their own context.

Focus :

  • Standard Work:
    • Meeting Rhythms
    • Visual Management System (VMS)
    • Facilitation skills
  • Performance Management.
    • Distinguishing between Wildly Important Goals, Result measures and
    • Using your measures to create a scoreboard
    • Closing Performance Gaps

Proposed Activities: Design a Visual Management board.  Build a meeting Specification. Meeting Facilitation role play. Matching WIGs/Result measures/Lead Measures/ Actions game.

Pre-reading: Four Disciplines of Execution


Implementing Lean by solving one frustration at a time

Graeme Hay, Management Consultant, University of Stellenbosch Business School

Half-day workshop

Michael Balle often talks about solving “frustrations” in a Lean journey.  He purposely uses the work “frustration” because he believes it appropriately recognises the emotions experienced by people exposed to waste.

Frustrated people are ready for change and are waiting to be engaged and released to solve the problems responsible for their frustrations at work.

In this workshop we will use a combination of case studies, participant conversation, and theory to assist you to lead and guide a simple and effective Lean journey that focuses on identifying and solving issues that are frustrating both your customers and your employees.