Workshop facilitators

Kim Barnas, CEO Catalysis USA

Kim is the author of ‘Beyond Heroes’ and President of Catalysis (a not-for-profit organisation transforming healthcare). Her mission is  to transform  patient experiences, make quality more transparent, and reduce healthcare costs. She advises top leaders through her coaching, tools and frameworks for successful Lean implementation. We are pleased to have her share her insights and experience with us. Kim will facilitate the first half of the fullday workshop: An Overview of Creating a Lean Management System.

**Please note that this workshop will take place in Johannesburg.**

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Dave Brunt, CEO Lean Enterprise Academy UK


Dave is the Chief Executive with the Lean Enterprise Academy UK and has walked, mapped, taught and coached lean in over 500 value streams across almost every conceivable environment. He is the author of ‘Creating Lean Dealers’ and has, since the early 1990’s, been both applying and researching Lean. He has supported many organisations in their lean journey and we look forward to hearing more about his work in Africa. Dave will be facilitating the fullday workshop: Halfway Toyota Gemba Walk and Development of Yamazumi Chart, Standard Work and Management System


Ginty Chalk, Head of Operational Excellence Deployments BMGI

Ginty is a Facilitator and Change Management expert with BMGI who is able to drive change through leadership, innovation and communication strategies. She is also an Organisational Design and Development Specialist responsible for customised curriculum to meet client specific needs, focused on performance excellence, leadership and change management. Ginty has been working in the Consulting, Training and Change Management consulting space for more than 20 years, where she gained valuable experience across an array of organisations and industries, both locally and internationally. Ginty’s area of expertise is building, designing and delivering programmes and initiatives that use adult learning principles and experiential learning methodologies utilising a vast range of tools and techniques. Another passion is equipping leaders with skills to drive teams and deliver results. Ginty has trained and coached at Sasol Mining, Mittal Steel, Consol, Hulamin, Discovery Health, Distell, MCG, Old Mutual, Avis, Barloworld, Department of Justice, Alan Gray, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Chanel, to name a few. Ginty will facilitate the half-day workshop: Transforming the pulse of teams in organisations


Jan Erasmus, Director Authentic Consulting

Jan started his working career as a mechanical design engineer. He has experience as a management consultant where he headed several interventions to improve productivity, improve customer care, reduce cost, and develop the leadership of companies and change cultures. He has published articles on Leadership and Change, presented productivity improvement papers at international and local conferences. He has assisted several companies in the former Soviet Union, i.e. Moldova, Estonia, Slovenia and Croatia to transform from former state-owned companies to free market enterprises. Jan currently works at Authentic Consulting as a consultant in operations management, productivity improvement, strategic planning and leadership development. Jan will be facilitating the full-day workshop: Building systems for fail-proof Lean implementation.


Norman Faull, Chairman Lean Institute Africa

Norman FaullEmeritus Professor Norman Faull is the Chairman of the Lean Institute Africa, a Lean Executive Coach and formerly a Professor of Business Administration at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town. He was among the first researchers in South Africa to introduce innovative manufacturing and supply chain improvement concepts, such as lean manufacturing, into the country. In recent years he has focused on implementation of lean management in the South African public health system although his experience spans across the mining, manufacturing and service sectors. He teaches on executive programmes at UCT and elsewhere. He continues to research the area of process improvement, with particular attention to large-scale systems. Norman will facilitate the half-day workshop: Introduction to Kata.


Alison Gitelson, Founder CanBeeDone

Alison of CanBeeDone is a maximizer and facilitator. She combines over thirty years of technical and management experience, in a broad range of businesses, with a deep understanding of human behaviour. Hating to see time and effort wasted she helps leader-managers to bring out the best in themselves and the people they work with so the people and the business can thrive. Alison has successfully led teams through transformation and change, and mentored other leader managers to do the same. Her workshops are received as informative, engaging and practical by clients from a broad spectrum of businesses. She is a popular presenter at Agile and Lean conferences both in South Africa and Singapore. Alison will facilitate the half-day workshop: Navigating conflict and uncertainty on your improvement journey


Graeme Hay, Managing Consultant, University of Stellenbosch’s Business School

Graeme started his Lean Six Sigma journey in 2002 as an operations excellence consultant and is a passionate student of creating excellence in organisations.  He believes that developing the critical thinking capabilities at the middle and senior management level is the key to sustainable change, and that the Lean Six Sigma approach and techniques are foundational in this process. Graeme will facilitate the workshop ‘Implementing Lean by solving one frustration at a time


Jim Farara and Craig Parker, Transformation Team for Africa Liner Operations Centre Maersk Line

Jim has worked in Container shipping for 25 years, including – P&O Containers, P&O Nedlloyd and Maersk. He has worked in every aspect of the business – from Sales and Customer Services to Trade Management and Liner Operations – with expatriate posting in Africa, Asia, Europe and UK. Jim was posted to Cape Town in 2007 to develop and head up Maersk’s Process Excellence division for Sub Saharan Africa. Since 2014 Jim joined the Africa Liner Operations Centre – and is currently the Transformation Director. Jim is a permanent resident of South Africa, is married and has three children.


Craig has worked in the Transformation and Maersk Line for a year learning a lot about Lean Management within the logistics/shipping industry in the process. Previously he worked in  Quality Improvement/Project Management within the Public Health HIV sector. His educational background is in Neuroscience, Health Policy and Development Management. He loves running, soccer and sleep when he can get it. He recently moved to Cape Town with his wife and three children.

Jim and Craig will be facilitating the half-day workshop Transforming your organisation’s Operating System: A Practical Session with Maersk Line.


Tanja Lüttman and Guido Silies, Silies Consulting

Tanja first became acquainted with the Lean and Six Sigma philosophies in 2012 and she was immediately excited about it. The possibility of solving problems systematically and sustainably, with relatively simple means, remains fascinating to her. After studying economics she went on to graduate in Industrial Psychology. Through psychology she is even better able to understand people and to support them adequately in change projects. Guido and Tanya have worked together successfully for 6 years. Together they support customers from all areas in coaching and also in training. Guido is an Electrical engineer, trainer and coach in Lean Production, Lean Development and Six Sigma. Certified as Master Black Belt in 2001, he trains and supports trainees from development, production, management and administrative areas. He is a specialist in statistical thinking, problem solving and process optimisation. In his own company, he trains people from different industries. One focus in his training is to create the right mindset and change peoples thinking, before adding knowledge and experience. In more than 20 years he has trained and coached hundreds of people in problem solving and process optimization. and changed their mindset. Tanja and Guido will facilitate the workshop ‘Lean in Development and Engineering


Dr Bhavna Patel, CEO Groote Schuur Hospital

Dr Bhavna Patel is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, a 975 bedded, 3764 staffed hospital. She qualified as a medical doctor at the University of Cape Town and was in private practice for 8 years before completing her specialist degree in Public Health. She also holds a BSc degree, a Fellowship in Family Medicine and a Masters in Bioethics and Health Law. She has been working in a management capacity at Groote Schuur Hospital since 2001, starting as a registrar, then as the Manager Medical Services, then as the Senior Manager Medical services and now as the CEO, since 2013. Her interest is in leadership development and continuous improvement processes. Dr Patel will facilitate the workshop ‘Gemba walk and Implementing the Lean Management System‘.


Sydney Theko and Claude Pillay, Senior Project Managers, Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC)

Sydney has been working in the Automotive Industry for 20 years where he accumulated extensive experience in Industrial, Process and Project Engineering. He began his career at Robert Bosch where he led several layout and work study related improvements. He worked for companies such as Robert Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen SA, Ford Motor Company. Sydney is currently working for the Automotive Industry Development Centre as a Senior Project manager.


Claude has worked as an industrial engineer and project manager in the automotive component industry for more than 20 years. His current role as Senior Project Manager involves project managing and implementing supplier development programmes of which continuous improvement is a key focus. Claude has worked in various automotive component manufacturing companies which include Foundries, Press Shops, Injection Moulding and Seat Assembly amongst many others.

Sydney and Claude will facilitate the half-day workshop: Practical Principles to Improve and Standardise Work


Dirk Van Goubergen, President VGP&M Belgium

Dirk has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium. In 1993 Dirk founded and became president of VAN GOUBERGEN P&M Productivity Improvement. From 2004-2012 Dirk was a Professor of Industrial Engineering at Ghent University – Dept. of Industrial Management. From 2005-2010 He was a Program Director of the “Master in Industrial Management” (BIR) program at the Ghent University. In 2005 he founded and directed the first ‘Green/Black Belt in Lean’ training/certification program in Belgium. He continues this training programme currently. From 2010-2015 he was a Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Industrial and System Engineers – Process Division (USA) and Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial and System Engineers (IISE). He has strong academic experience in Belgium and USA and has worked in Poland, Thailand, Bulgaria, Israel, and Netherlands. Dirk will facilitate the full day workshop: ‘Design for Flow in Office and Service Value Streams‘.


Arend Brink, Director CCI-Growthcon

Arend is a Director and founding member of CCI-GrowthCon, responsible for business development in the Africa and Middle East region as well as key account management for some large multi-national clients relating to value chain and operational excellence improvement. He started his career in 1995 with the Sappi Group, where he took on various maintenance engineering and operational excellence roles. Since the inception of CCI-GrowthCon he has been working in the field of Asset Management and particularly assisting asset intensive organisations to turn around their Asset Management performance. He has led the development of Asset Management strategies for global spirits and beverage companies (amongst other) and more recently has been involved in leading the implementation of sustainable value chain best practices in the chemical industry. Arend obtained both his BsC Mechanical Engineering Degree and Government Certificate of competence (Factories) in South Africa. Arend will facilitate a half-day workshop: ‘Developing a high level Asset Care Strategy within a Lean Context’.