Lean Management Development Programme

Delivered over six months, the Lean Management Development Programme will provide a comprehensive, experiential education in Lean Management.

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The LMDP will help you:

  1. Align improvement activities with purpose and strategic imperatives, driving real value for the customer.
  2. Build a Lean Management System that develops the right habits and systems for sustainability.
  3. Analyse end to end value streams to identify key improvements.
  4. Execute focused improvements and achieve goals set through A3 Thinking, Kata and structured problem solving methods.
  5. Develop a learning organisation that seeks continuous improvement in the areas that matter.

The Programme is delivered by experienced Lean facilitators who provide you with both the theory and expert coaching needed to lead the Lean Journey within your organisation and initiate change for the better.

Programme cost:

Registration fee: R55 000, excluding VAT.
A group discount of 10% for groups of 3 or more participants from the same organisation is available.

2018 Programme schedule:

The dates for the Cape Town and Johannesburg Programmes in 2018 are as follows, and all dates are mandatory for participants:

Cape Town 2018 LMDP Dates:
Johannesburg 2018 LMDP Dates:
19 - 21 February8 - 10 May
12 - 13 March 29 - 30 May
9 - 10 April26 - 27 June
21 - 22 May 1 - 2 August
16 - 17 July 19 - 20 Sep
13 August 10 Oct

If you are interested in attending a future Programme, register your interest online or contact us at [email protected].

If you have any questions about the Programme, you can contact us at: [email protected] or call 021 4061477

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Games are used to reinforce the classroom learning of lean concepts.

Programme structure

  • 12 days (in 2-3 day blocks) of interactive classroom training, highly focused to experiential learning
  • Scheduled coaching to offer personalised support
  • Theoretical examination on conclusion of the programme
  • Project presentation to a panel of Senior Lean facilitators

 Programme outcomes

On completion of the Programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of contextualising Lean Management with the purpose of the enterprise, the organisational strategy and what derives value for the customer
  • Develop Lean as a Management System and understand the collection of principles, concepts, tools and techniques necessary to deliver both performance and practice
  • Lead and engage teams through the process of change
  • Identify your role in successfully deploying Lean in the organisation
  • Initiate effective problem solving practices using scientific thinking patterns, A3 Thinking and Kata
  • Establish Voice of the Customer and translate it to Critical to Quality measures
  • Visualise opportunities for cross-functional collaboration by developing advanced, current, and future state Value Stream Maps and initiate intuitive systems that expose abnormality
  • Identify, analyse and reduce waste
  • Synchronise people, process and information flow for improved product and service delivery
  • Initiate basic statistical analyses to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs
  • Challenge current practices and offer constructive alternatives
  • Use creative techniques for ‘out the box’ thinking and solution generation
  • Analyse cost drivers and link Lean benefits to organisational strategy
  • Effectively implement action plans and sustain project benefits

The Programme rolls out through 12 modules:

Module 1 – Framing the Lean Management Development Program
Discuss the  importance of aligning Purpose, Process and People, across the organisation, to create value. Explore the business models that support the effective integration of lean in an organisation:

  • The Lean Transformation Framework
  • The 3S Model
  • Lean Management Systems

Module 2 – A3 Thinking
Learn how to effectively problem solve and implement improvements within your organisation using the A3 methodology.
Learn how to apply coaching techniques to enable problem solving and create thinking people.
You will work on applying A3 thinking throughout the programme.

Module 3 – Linking Lean to Strategic Objectives of the Business
Learn how to understand the strategic objectives of the organisation by analysing:

  • Voice of the Business
  • Voice of the Customer
  • True North

Learn how to create value by linking lean to measurable business objectives.

Module 4 – Introduction to Lean Thinking
History and overview of Lean.
Key Lean principles and underlying thinking.

Module 5 – Analysing the Value Stream
Introduction to Value Stream Mapping and determining where to start.
Learn how to develop advanced current state and future state maps.
Learn how to identify and analyse waste – Muri, Muda, Mura.
Use advanced concepts such as takt time, capacity and demand, OEE, TPM & Theory of Constraints to interpret the current state.

LMDP participants visiting a Toyota dealership

Lean Management Development Programme participants on a study visit to a Toyota dealership.

Module 6 – Developing the Future State Vision
Learn how to improve process, people and information flow:

  • Design Lean flow including kanban, supermarkets and pull systems.
  • Techniques and tools to ensure quality at source.
  • Understand the types of variation in the process and the tools as well as techniques to measure and reduce variation.
  • Effectively use statistical process control.
  • The importance of standardisation and how to effectively implement standard work, job instruction and SOP’s.
  • Effectively build visual management systems that are integrated into your work.
  • Implementing 5S and the importance of good housekeeping.

Module 7 – Linking Improvements to Measurable Benefits
Learn improvement prioritisation techniques.
Learn how to analyse cost drivers with links to strategic objectives.

Module 8 – Implementing, Tracking & Sustaining Improvements
Learn how to create implementation plans and structures linked to strategic objectives and timelines.
Learn how to sustain and track benefits.
Develop control plans.

Module 9 – Implementing Lean Management Systems
Understand the core elements of a Lean Management System at all levels of the organisation (Strategic, Systemic and Shop Floor).
Understand how to implement a Daily Management System.
Introduction to Toyota Kata.

Module 10 – Developing an Effective Change Management Strategy
Understand the importance of change management and learn techniques to support this process.

Module 11 – Lean Leadership
Understand and learn the value of Lean Leadership.
Understand the role of leadership in the successful implementation of Lean.
Learn how to apply tools such as Hoshin Kanri & Leader Standard Work.


The LMDP is certified by the Lean Institute Africa a member of the Lean  Global Network, and therefore is both locally  and internationally recognised. Participants will receive certification for both the theoretical examination and their project presentation.

LMDP Participant feedback:

  • ‘Excellent Development Course’
  • ‘Life-changing’
  • ‘Provides a fresh perspective’
  • ‘Course is excellently assembled’
  • ‘I recommend this course to all leadership and management who want to stay above the game with long-term business in mind’
  • ‘The course equipped me with the skills and mind-set to facilitate sustainable improvements in our organisation’
  • ‘The course was transformational’.