Lean Transformation and Kata

This is an expanded workshop that has evolved out of our Toyota Kata workshop.

Workshop summary:

What are the Lean Transformation Framework (LTF) and Kata?
The LTF is a framework that challenges us to think strategically about lean implementation. Kata, in the lean context, are routines for learning and improvement.

Why combine them?
The LTF is the “big picture” and strategic. Kata is about improvement rituals and thoughtfulness in daily practice at the situational level. Effective practice (in the service of customers and other stakeholders) requires combining strategy and action.

Lean is a management system that is directed by conscious purpose. The LTF emphasises purpose, direction, “True North”. The “Kata” emphasises engagement, thoughtfulness and learning at all levels of an organisation, but especially at the direct value adding level.

By combining LTF and Kata material in one 2-day workshop we aim to accelerate your strategic adoption and effective use of lean. Management systems, leader behaviour, capability building: these things and more will be put to you as essential components of your approach to achieving your purpose – personally and organisationally.

For more information please download our Factsheet. Below is a short introductory clip to the Kata part of this workshop by LIA Chairperson, Prof Norman Faull.

You may register for the workshop online now using our form below or download the registration form and return it to [email protected] .

Workshop cost and schedule:

The 2-day Lean Transformation and Kata (LTK for short) workshop costs R6550 excl. VAT per participant (see below for 3 possible discounts on this amount) and they are scheduled for the following dates and locations in 2017 and 2018.

Definitive Conferencing
Cape Town
UCT Graduate School of Business
16 & 17 October 2017 2 & 3 October 2017
12 & 13 June 2018

23 & 24 October 2018

4 & 5 June 2018

15 & 16 October 2018

Discounts: There are 3 possible discounts, and it is possible to use more than one:

Early Bird: There is an early bird discount of R600 per delegate for registering (submitting a complete registration form) four or more weeks in advance of the workshop.

Multiple workshops: If you book two workshops at the same time (e.g. ITL & LMA3), you will be eligible for a R500 discount per participant. If you book for three workshops at the same time (i.e. ITL, LMA3 & LTK), you will receive a R1,000 discount per participant.

Group: If 3 or more people from the same organisation book at the same time, they will receive 5% off the total. If 5 or more people from the same organisation book, they will receive 10% off the total.

For any queries around these discounts or a quotation, please contact the LIA office on [email protected] or 021 406 1226.

Who is the workshop for and what does it cover?

Target audience: This two-day workshop is specifically designed for:

  • People with experience of the lean management approach
  • Anyone seeking to coach front-line teams in a daily improvement process
  • Individuals and teams that that have recently commenced a lean initiative and seek to entrench it
  • Experienced practitioners wishing to strengthen the strategy-practice nexus


  • To grapple with the elements necessary for a lean transformation in your organisation
  • To grasp the power of the kata concepts and process
  • To practice the Kata skill
  • To entrench thoughtful, evidence-based management and continuous improvement
  • To integrate strategy, direct action and leader behaviours

Process: We will follow a process of presentations, discussion (including case examples) and practice to:

  • Develop fuller understanding of the LTF and Kata
  • Develop skills in the daily coaching practice inherent in the Kata
  • Understand how to deploy the Kata approach within the LTF approach

Benefits: At the end of the workshop participants will have an understanding of the LTF dimensions, the improvement kata and coaching kata approach and some practice in coaching. There will also be clarity on how to roll this out in your own organisation as a crucial part of sustaining your lean transformation journey through the development of a robust daily management systems never losing sight of your strategic purpose.

Workshop structure: The workshop is based on the material of Mike Rother and the Lean Global Network and benefits from personal training of the developer (Norman Faull) by Mike Rother and John Shook respectively.

For more information on Lean Institute Africa’s Lean Transformation workshop, please download our Lean Transformation Factsheet and Registration form or feel free to contact us on 021 406 1226 or [email protected] .

What precedes the Lean Transformation and Kata workshop? 

We facilitate Introduction to Lean and Lean Management the A3 Way workshops prior to the Lean transformation workshop, which form a good foundation in lean management.

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Terms and Conditions:

Submission of a registration form shall be deemed to be acceptance of the organiser’s terms and conditions, as outlined below, and shall be jointly and severally binding on the applicant and the applicant’s corporate entity. The workshop is contingent on a minimum number of registered participants signing up for the workshop. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, Lean Institute Africa reserves the right to cancel or postpone the workshop and will notify registered participants of any changes.  Workshop registration fees will be refunded to participants if the event is cancelled and they cannot attend an alternative workshop date. Please be advised that if you are making travel arrangements to attend the workshop, Lean Institute Africa cannot be held responsible for any associated travel or accommodation expenses, or associated cancellation fees resulting from a cancelled workshop. In the event of participant cancellation, 50% of fees will be credited, provided cancellation in writing is received at least 5 working days prior to the event.  After that date, no credits or refunds will be made.

Lean Transformation and Kata evaluations – feedback from workshop participants

  • I know that I have learned a lot of insights. Thank you for the process of learning and not telling. I am very enthusiastic in starting to use Kata. We are going to improve results and change the results.
  • Very good presentation, feeling excited to challenge my people and myself.
  • I have enjoyed the workshop; I think it is the step in the right direction of lean.
  • The workshop was practical. I have learned a lot and still want to learn more about Toyota Kata.
  • Excellent presentation, valuable content, effective practical exercise.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed learning to see through ‘lean glasses’.
  • Overall learning experience was excellent. What worked well? Domino game brought about great learning on working together as a team, learning and applying the coaching skills as a team leader and manager.
  • Visual management and its importance were emphasised. Overall for me I can definitely take away the learnings and apply it back in my organisation.

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