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For regular coaching support to your teams, from the frontline to C-Level Executives.


With your organisation’s purpose in mind, let us assist with an evaluation of the current state and opportunities.

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Collectively, our Advisors have a deep understanding of the work involved in transforming the organisation. We do this by guiding learners to solve problems that matter, deliver better value to the customers and develop the internal capability throughout the ranks to initiate and sustain change.

Guided by the Lean Transformation Framework we partner with our clients through a co-learning approach, to drive change but also to preserve the learning to survive beyond our support.


We need systems to help visualise our problems so that we can respond to them in real-time and drive value for our customers, employees and shareholders. Without problem transparency, it is difficult to know where to focus our improvements and apply our problems solving cycles. 


We are clear on what must change and what our customers expect, but how do we adjust our own behaviours and habits and create a culture of customer-focused problem solving? And how do we make the improvements last?


What is the work we need to do before engaging our Digital Strategy? We want to take the next steps but we have many wastes we don’t want to bake in with new systems and technology. How can we get everyone, everyday to think Lean and improve their processes and systems?

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Is Lean an outcome…or what you do?

For a while I have been thinking about the possible impact of using the name Lean to describe the activities or programme to transform an organisation into the new way of working and thinking. It felt serendipitous then, that shortly after pondering this I came across...

Magical Thinking

Try telling a friend you have come across some ‘magical thinking’? What reaction might you get? Will they ask, ‘You mean like in mushrooms?’ or ‘As in Elon Musk or Richard Branson?’ I first heard the term in a very different context, used by someone who was once...

Whimsical Reflections Lean Summit Africa 2018

Some say that insight comes when we remember something valuable after forgetting what we were taught. What value has come back to you after forgetting the ‘gems’ of the Summit of four months ago? Not trusting my memory, I have rummaged through my notes, and the slides...

The Story that Graphs (don’t) Tell

A recurring bone of contention between different schools of thought about performance measurement in the improvement world is the debate about quantitative versus qualitative analysis. Mark Graban’s recent book Measures of Success is an example...

Why We Believe People-Free Plants and Services Prevent Learning

Rose Heathcote, Lean Institute Africa CEO, contributed to this piece by the 'Lean Sensei Women' published on the Lean Post. "In our new Digital era, some dream of people-free production lines. First because machines are expected to do repetitive and complex tasks in a...

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