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For regular coaching support to your teams, from the frontline to C-Level Executives.


With your organisation’s purpose in mind, let us assist with an evaluation of the current state and opportunities.

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Collectively, our Advisors have a deep understanding of the work involved in transforming the organisation. We do this by guiding learners to solve problems that matter, deliver better value to the customers and develop the internal capability throughout the ranks to initiate and sustain change.

Guided by the Lean Transformation Framework we partner with our clients through a co-learning approach, to drive change but also to preserve the learning to survive beyond our support.


We need systems to help visualise our problems so that we can respond to them in real-time and drive value for our customers, employees and shareholders. Without problem transparency, it is difficult to know where to focus our improvements and apply our problems solving cycles. 


We are clear on what must change and what our customers expect, but how do we adjust our own behaviours and habits and create a culture of customer-focused problem solving? And how do we make the improvements last?


What is the work we need to do before engaging our Digital Strategy? We want to take the next steps but we have many wastes we don’t want to bake in with new systems and technology. How can we get everyone, everyday to think Lean and improve their processes and systems?

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Why Best Practices Fail to Spread

By John S. Toussaint, MD, and Montgomery “Monk” Elmer, MD This is taken from the Catalysis website, with permission from Dr John Toussaint and Dr Montgomery Elmer, the authors: "The spread of “best practices” is important in today’s rapidly evolving health care...

Lean helps save lives in South Africa

FEATURE – Only when we go where the action is, do we begin to truly understand the work. Rose Heathcote joins the Emergency Medical Services in Cape Town for a day. Words: Rose Heathcote, who took part in the ride along while she was CEO of Lean Institute Africa. How...

Taking the lean leap in private healthcare

INTERVIEW – A private healthcare group in South Africa has carefully studied the unique challenges it faces and customized its approach to improvement accordingly, embarking on a lean journey to better patient care. Interviewee: Sharon Vasuthevan, Nursing and Quality...

Leading large-scale lean change

INTERVIEW – Rose Keanly discusses the role of lean in a strategic business transformation in the financial services sector and the dos and don’ts of bringing lean to a large organization. Rose Heathcote: What triggered the need for a transformation at Old Mutual? Rose...

Buy-in, Do-in, Stay-in

In our work with organisations and people embarking on the Lean Transformation Journey we often hear people say that “buy-in” by top management is an essential success factor. Indeed, research confirms that top management commitment is a critical success factor for...

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