Our Chairman, UCT Graduate School of Business Emeritus Professor, Norman Faull, will be one of the judges of the African Kaizen Awards (AKA) Examination Committee. The Awards are part of the African Kaizen Conference 2019, organised by JICA and NEPAD, taking place in Tunisia later this month. The AKA is an initiative of JICA which  works with governments and ‘Kaizen’ agencies in Africa. Norman was part of the African Kaizen Conference in 2018, the first ever, which was held in Durban, South Africa, last July.

After a meticulous process to winnow applications from throughout Africa, the EC will meet in Tunisia in June, participate in various discussions, audit the presentations of the nine finalists, and decide on the winners. The two adjudged best will go to an equivalent conference in Tokyo in September.

Read more about the conference here.