Dr Carol Marshall is the interim CEO of the Office of Health Standards Compliance. She has Carol Marshallworked extensively in Mozambique and South Africa and was the Africa Regional Director for the Micronutrient Initiative for a number of years. Since early 2008 she has been responsible for guiding the development and monitoring the implementation of quality programmes in South Africa, including the development of national standards for health establishments, the establishment of a national Inspectorate and Complaints centre and supporting the Parliamentary process that led to the promulgation of the National Health Amendment Act.

Dr Marshall holds the following qualifications: MB ChB; DTM&H (London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene); MSc Mother and Child Health (University of London); MSc (Community Medicine) University of the Witwatersrand

Dr Carol Marshall’s presentation title and abstract:
The role of the National Core Standards in improving healthcare service delivery

The National Core Standards were published in 2011 as a guide to managers and staff of hospitals and clinics as to what is required to ensure that quality healthcare can be effectively delivered. The standards, captured in 7 cross-cutting domains, are assessed by teams of national inspectors through a detailed measurement tool. Inspections have covered a quarter of public sector hospitals and clinics over the past 3 years and reports on their findings are now available to guide improvements.  A number of different initiatives across the country are providing lessons for the future of quality healthcare as a cornerstone for implementing National Health Insurance, with improved outcomes and a better patient experience.