International Study Visits

As a member of the Lean Global Network, the Lean Institute Africa leverages its international connections to benefit local organizations. With access to a network of over 30 institutes globally, we actively engage with international practitioners, fostering learning, sharing of knowledge, and collaboration. Through these connections, we organize visits to renowned Lean Organizations that have achieved significant advancements in their Lean journey. These organizations are eager to openly share their valuable insights and experiences, providing participants with the opportunity to explore and learn from their successes.

Benefits of attending our international study visit:

  • Gain a deep understanding of lean thinking and its application across different countries and industries.
  • Explore real-life lean implementations and success stories from leading organizations.
  • Learn from renowned lean experts and practitioners through workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions.
  • Foster cross-cultural connections and expand your network within the global lean community.
  • Acquire valuable insights and best practices to enhance lean implementation in your own organization.
Our hands-on, on-site packages are customised according to the client’s individual needs, team size, schedule and availability.
"The opportunity to visit renowned organizations in different countries and witness their lean implementations firsthand was invaluable."

Who Should Attend?

A Lean International Study Tour is beneficial for a wide range of professionals and individuals interested in lean methodologies and their global applications. The tour is particularly valuable for:

  • Lean Practitioners: Individuals who are actively involved in lean implementation within their organizations and wish to broaden their knowledge and gain insights from international lean practices.
  • Managers and Executives: Managers and executives responsible for driving organizational improvement initiatives, operational excellence, and continuous improvement strategies.
  • Lean Consultants: Consultants specializing in lean methodologies who seek to expand their understanding of lean practices across different countries and industries.
  • Students and Researchers: Students pursuing degrees or conducting research in fields such as industrial engineering, operations management, lean manufacturing, or related disciplines, who want to enhance their understanding of lean principles and observe real-life applications.
  • Professionals in Operations and Supply Chain: Individuals working in areas such as operations, supply chain management, logistics, quality management, and process improvement, who want to gain a broader perspective on lean methodologies and their impact.
  • Lean Enthusiasts and Change Agents: Individuals passionate about lean thinking, process improvement, and operational excellence, regardless of their industry or functional background.
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in adopting lean principles to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce waste.
  • Academics and Educators: Professors, instructors, and educators who teach courses or conduct research related to lean thinking, continuous improvement, and operational excellence.

What will the study visit include?

  • Company Visits: Visit prominent companies known for their lean excellence and witness lean practices firsthand through guided tours of their facilities.
  • Workshops and Training: Engage in interactive workshops and training sessions led by experienced lean practitioners, providing hands-on learning opportunities with lean tools and techniques.
  • Guest Lectures: Attend insightful lectures delivered by industry experts, sharing their knowledge and experiences in lean thinking and implementation.
  • Gemba Walks: Experience gemba walks to observe lean principles in action, identifying waste reduction and process improvement opportunities in various industries.
  • Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in the local culture of each destination, exploring the unique blend of lean practices and cultural influences.
  • Networking Opportunities: Interact and network with fellow participants, lean professionals, and experts from around the world, fostering valuable connections and knowledge exchange
Our hands-on, on-site packages are customised according to the client’s individual needs, team size, schedule and availability.

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