Lean Management Development Programme

This course was created for those familiar with Lean, who want to develop their Lean skills and understanding to the level of Lean Practitioner.

Through the use of case studies, real life experiences and interactive group work the course material provides a thorough and in-depth learning experience, so you can start implementing this new management system in your own organization with confidence.

Lean Management Development Program learning block dates (split over a period of 5 months):

Face to Face
16-18 April 2024 / 14-15 May 2024 / 25-27 June 2024 / 16-17 July 2024 / 20-21 August 2024/

24-25 April 2024 / 21-22 May 2024 / 18-19 June 2024 / 23-24 July 2024 / 13-14 August 2024 / 17-18 September 2024


  • Select courses are certified by The Graduate School of Business making it all that more impressive on your CV.
  • As a member of the Lean Global Network, our training is informed by the world’s leading Lean thinkers – so you know your learning will be at the cutting edge of Lean thinking globally.
  • We equip you with a holistic set of skills to affect real change at all levels of the your Organisation – we focus on more than “just” the lean tools and the quick fixes!
  • Our courses are interactive, practical and easily applicable to any workplace.
16 April 2024
24 April 2024
"I recommend this course to all leadership and management who want to stay ahead of the game with long-term business in mind'’

Who Should Attend?

Suitable for individuals, teams and managers at all levels of an organization who wish to gain an advanced understanding of Lean Management and how to implement it. Applicable to all industries, including manufacturing, service, healthcare and both the private and public sectors.

Course Structure

Delivered through a series of structured facilitated sessions that take place over a 5-month period, you will be coached by experienced Lean facilitators in the theory and practice of what it takes to lead the implementation of a lean management system within your organization or team. All sessions include group activities and case studies that enable you to apply your learnings to real-life scenarios.

By the course conclusion you will have completed your own improvement project and be ready and able to present to a panel, to obtain your certification. Additional one-on-one coaching is offered to you throughout your improvement project work, ensuring a positive and stress-free learning experience throughout.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to implement a sustainable lean transformation at all levels of the Organisation.
  • Effectively Linking your Lean strategy to the overall purpose and objectives of the Organisation.
  • How to identify and deliver customer value. 
  • Techniques and tools for complex problem-solving. 
  • How to implement daily management systems to identify challenges and support problem solving. 
  • How to create a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving that sticks. 
  • Advancing your coaching skills to develop your teams or employees. 
  • Using the Lean tools and methodology to reduce waste and increase profits. 
  • How to analyse end-to-end value streams to identify key improvements to streamline processes leading to efficiency + productivity.

Course Overview

Module One: Introduction to Lean Thinking

Introduction to Lean (Why Lean? What it can do for you as an individual and your organisation, how did it originate and why are so many organisations actively applying it?)

5 Lean principles: Customer Value, Value Stream, Identifying Waste, Flow, Pull and Striving for Perfection.

Module Two: Frameworks For Lean Transformation

Frameworks the experts use when developing a Lean Transformation Strategy that actually works (3S Model, Lean Transformation Framework, Influence Model)

Module Three: Linking Lean To Organisational Strategy

Understanding and developing key components as part of an Organisation’s Strategic Direction such as Customer Value and True North.

Learning how to effectively link these to the Lean strategy of the Organisation.

Using Hoshin Kanri as a vehicle to develop, communicate and create a common purpose and goal for the entire Organisation.

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Module Four: A3 Problem Solving 

  • Introduction to A3 thinking and starting your improvement project
    Learn to identify and solve complex problems using a structured approach.
  • Behavioral and cultural aspects of the A3 process, growth, accountability and empowerment using coaching and psychological safety 

Module Five: Understanding And Analyzing The Current Value Stream 

  • Strategies to identify Pain Points for Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping: Current + Future State
  • Lean Analysis Toolkit: (Takt Time, Work Balance, Resourcing Structures, Standardization, Defects, OEE, Control Charts, Flow and Waste) 

Module Six: Developing The Future State Vision 

  • Understanding the Lean Improvement Toolkit and how it can be applied to improve flow, quality and reduce waste (5s, Visual Management, Standard Work, Poka Yoke, Kanbans, Cell Design, Pull Systems, Single Piece Flow, SMED, Heijunka, Andon, TPM)
  • We also introduce you to some useful tools to brainstorm and foster innovation within your teams 

Module Seven: Implementing A Lean Management System 

  • Gain a clear understanding of the role and the importance of Management Systems within any Organization. 
  • 6 key components of a Management System and what these look like at every level of the Organization.
  • Introduction to Toyota Kata 

Module Eight: Lean Leadership 

  • Understanding the Attributes and Mindset of Lean Leaders and assessing our own Leadership styles 

Module Nine: Developing A Lean Culture 

  • Understanding how to identify the explicit or underlying culture, assumptions and mindset within the Organization
  • Develop cultural change strategies to support your Lean Transformation 

Module Ten: Developing Your Own Lean Transformation Strategy

  • Conduct a Lean Maturity Assessment for your Organisation or Team
  • Practical Techniques + Examples of how to develop a Lean transformation strategy that works for you and is sustainable


Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen has extensive experience in a variety of industries within both the public and private sectors.

She has led the design and implementation of effective Lean programs in both the UK and SA, that ensure institutionalization of process improvement and Organizational change. Samantha has a passion for training and skills development and holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and is a Prince 2 Project Practitioner.

Tshepo Thobejane

Tshepo Thobejane has implemented Lean Thinking and Practice to achieve operational improvement through the use of process improvement methods throughout his career as an Industrial Engineer.

He has work in a diverse range of industry sectors includes – manufacturing, management consulting, logistics, supply chain, banking and public healthcare. He is convinced that Lean Thinking can be a lifestyle and is applicable absolutely everywhere.

Anton Grütter

Anton is a Lean Executive Coach and a member of the Management team. He has helped organisations to implement and institutionalise operational performance improvement programmes in industry, commerce and the public sector justice and healthcare systems for many years.

He has taught operations management at South African universities since 1993. Recently he has taught at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town and as a visiting professor on the MBA programme at Shanghai University. His PhD research was on the effective implementation of shop-floor improvement teams. He has also written a textbook “Introduction to Operations Management” published by Heinemann in 2010.


GSB Campus
16-18 April 2024



24-25 April 2024


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