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Most research conducted by the Lean Institute Africa is done in association with MBA students of the UCT Graduate School of Business. To access free copies of MBA research reports, please contact GSB.



The Lean Institute Africa is the local, authorised distributor of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) in the USA and as such, distributes books, DVDs and training materials on their behalf.

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Analysing organisational rhythm: shock advised…charging

Written by Charmaine Cunningham Place two fingers on the inside of your wrist, just the below the thumb, and feel your heartbeat. Every 0.8 seconds your cardiovascular system completes a cycle of complex interactions enabling it to pump 60 – 100 times a minute. The...

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LIA Collaborator Blog: Sorting to the point of discomfort

Written by Charmaine Cunningham Have you ever joined a queue not knowing whether you are in the right queue because there is no signage….whilst simultaneously fighting the urge to jump in and sort and simplify the workspace?  You see many papers, duplications,...

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Two Years in Tanzania and a Whole New Understanding of Purpose

By Mike Grogan, originally published on The Lean Post on the Lean Enterprise Institute website: After months of anxiety, my work life had finally come to a climax. I'd arrived at the point of...

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Denise Bennett reflects on Lean Summit Africa 2014

ISHARE - Lean Summit South Africa 2014 Written by Denise Bennett, Lean Programme Manager at City of Melbourne, Keynote speaker at Lean Summit Africa 2014. First published in the Lean Global Network October 2014 newsletter. Unfortunately I missed the annual LGN meeting...

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Seeing normal from abnormal – October 2014 Newsletter

Seeing normal from abnormal ‘Lean is a management system for seeing normal from abnormal right now and responding right now.’ This is part of my core conception of lean. So you will understand my particular pleasure (and surprise) on receiving my name tag at the...

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Does Lean Make Cents?

Lean Management offers a truly exceptional approach to leading the organisation to places it’s never been before. With Purpose clarified, you: focus to the needs of the customer with earnest, bring them more value with less effort, grow seasoned problem-solvers who...

Lessons from my Lean Lifestyle Challenge

In the newsletter I wrote for Lean Institute Africa in 2015 I reflected on the growth in my understanding of lean as a result of attending the Lean Global Network meeting that year. I interviewed some of the delegates at this meeting and asked what they understood...

Constancy of Purpose in Turbulent Times

Executing your 2018 Plan with Confidence, Consistency and Cadence We are so close to the end of the year and many of us are already dreaming up all the ways in which we will spend our much-awaited holiday time. Whether for work or personal reasons, this is a great...

What did you learn in Japan?

What did you learn in Japan?’ you may ask me, following my week there with the Lean Global Network (LGN) tenth anniversary ‘return-to-the-source (Toyota)’ trip in September. “How much time have you got? I might reply. There was a lot! Here are just some snippets. TNGA...

The “Hard-Core Toyota Guys”

The lean transformation journey is the road less travelled. This is partly because it is not the easiest journey to undertake, but also because so many organisations lose their way, some even at the outset of their journey. There are however some organisations that...

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