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Most research conducted by the Lean Institute Africa is done in association with MBA students of the UCT Graduate School of Business. To access free copies of MBA research reports, please contact GSB. Here is a recent list of Lean-related Research Reports.



The Lean Institute Africa is the local, authorised distributor of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) in the USA and as such, distributes books, DVDs and training materials on their behalf.

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Covid19 and the C-5 lens

All of us have been working intensely, rethinking our businesses in the C-19 world. Reflecting on the Lean Institute Africa and our work with several companies (and our involvement in the UCT Graduate School of Business MBA classes!), I’ve been looking to sharpen...

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Mapping Uncharted Waters Webinar with Dr Robert Campbell

Thank you for joining us for our webinar on the topic "Mapping Uncharted Waters" with Dr. Robert Campbell, CEO of Nurture Health.If you missed the webinar, or would like to watch again, you can view the recording below  And here are the slides.IF YOU'D LIKE TO BE A...

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Relentless Leadership. In a Time of Crisis.

‘Relentless leadership’ was the theme for our Lean Summit Africa 2014. It was a theme that arose from conversations I’d had with Toyota personnel. They wanted me to know that the drive for improvement was relentless, and driven by their leaders. It reminded me of my...

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Take your life in your hands

We owe a great deal to Ignaz Semmelweis. ‘Ignaz who?’, you might well ask. Tragically, despite what we owe him, his discovery cost him dearly. He died in dreadful and humiliating circumstances, scorned by his medical peers, and confined in a lunatic asylum through the...

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14 things I wish I knew when I started my Lean Journey

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2020! I thought it might be a nice start to the year by sharing some key insights I wish I had known when I started on my Lean journey. There are 14 on my list (for now - I'm sure there's a lot more learning...

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Failing Forward

I grew up amongst the Batswana, where I would regularly  eat ting ya mabele (a traditional fermented sorghum porridge) at home, and at celebratory and family events. I did not know how to prepare it and given that it’s now something that I cannot access easily in my...

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The Question of Employee Engagement

I had an interesting conversation with someone that got me thinking about management’s thinking around people engagement in most organisations. The person contrasted experience of working in the private sector with that of working in the public sector. In one of these...

“We need more staff!”

They said they just needed more staff. They said their process was good – that a nearby university had reviewed their process and confirmed that fact. They said I should back off and just support their push for more staff. The case for more staff was strong: two hours...

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