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Lean Global Network

The website for all the lean institutes around the world. Check here to find the lean institute closest to you.

Lean Enterprise Academy

The British lean institute started by Dan Jones. Also a rich source of information and insight on lean management.

Lean Enterprise Institute

The American lean institute started by Jim Womack. It offers many resources such as blogs, newsletters, webinars and an online store.

Planet Lean

The official online magazine of Lean Global Network. Planet Lean brings you the best insights on lean from around the world.

Lean Post

The official online magazine of Lean Enterprise Institute. Lean Post shares how the world is making things better through lean.

Best Care… Always!

A campaign to spread best healthcare practice in Southern Africa.

Lean Blog

The blog by Mark Graban, the author of “Lean Hospitals”, a regular commentator on lean topics of interest.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

IHI is one of the leading disseminators of knowledge and practice on lean in healthcare (aka quality improvement) in America and around the world.

Training Within Industry

The Training Within Industry Institute website is a resource for TWI training, certification, coaching, networking, and education for the growing community of practitioners and trainers.

Gemba Panta Rei

The website of the Kaizen Institute. Also has a list of even more useful links.

Gemba Academy

Lean resources, including podcasts to help you on your lean journey.

The Lean Edge

The site where leading lean thinkers air their views and respond to comments.

Lean for NGOs

A community and website devoted to the application of lean in non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations.

Lean Simulations

A collection of games and lean learning resources compiled by Martin Boersema.

Toyota Kata

The home page of Mike Rother, the author of the book “Toyota Kata”, which challenges lean practitioners to maintain their improvement disciplines.

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Is Lean an outcome…or what you do?

For a while I have been thinking about the possible impact of using the name Lean to describe the activities or programme to transform an organisation into the new way of working and thinking. It felt serendipitous then, that shortly after pondering this I came across...

Magical Thinking

Try telling a friend you have come across some ‘magical thinking’? What reaction might you get? Will they ask, ‘You mean like in mushrooms?’ or ‘As in Elon Musk or Richard Branson?’ I first heard the term in a very different context, used by someone who was once...

Whimsical Reflections Lean Summit Africa 2018

Some say that insight comes when we remember something valuable after forgetting what we were taught. What value has come back to you after forgetting the ‘gems’ of the Summit of four months ago? Not trusting my memory, I have rummaged through my notes, and the slides...

The Story that Graphs (don’t) Tell

A recurring bone of contention between different schools of thought about performance measurement in the improvement world is the debate about quantitative versus qualitative analysis. Mark Graban’s recent book Measures of Success is an example...

Why We Believe People-Free Plants and Services Prevent Learning

Rose Heathcote, Lean Institute Africa CEO, contributed to this piece by the 'Lean Sensei Women' published on the Lean Post. "In our new Digital era, some dream of people-free production lines. First because machines are expected to do repetitive and complex tasks in a...

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