Norman FNorman Faull picaull is Emeritus Professor of Business Administration at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.  In his academic career he conducted research and taught Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Supply Chain Management and Operations Strategy Implementation locally and internationally.  He continues to supervise research at both the Masters and Doctoral levels. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Lean Institute Africa (LIA), a not-for-profit company and member of the Lean Global Network. It promotes the effective use of lean in improving competitiveness and service delivery across many industries. Through LIA he offers conferences and workshops in the lean methodology and conducts applications of lean in areas in which it has not traditionally been applied; a key emphasis over the past decade has been in public sector healthcare. His current research is on implementing lean in large-scale systems.

He holds the following formal qualifications: BSc BEng (Aero) Stellenbosch University MSc (Air Transport Engineering) Cranfield University UK MBA PhD University of Cape Town

Norman Faull’s presentation title:
Implementing a Daily Management System in four Gauteng hospitals

The MEC for Health in Gauteng launched an initiative last year aimed at reducing waiting times at Gauteng health facilities. In the fuller vision for the initiative, the capacity will be built within the GDoH itself and be able to improve all aspects of quality of care. Because there is no ‘vaccine’ against all the causes of poor service delivery in the Gauteng health system, the focus of the initiative is to develop new habits and routines that underpin the reliable delivery of quality care; in a phrase, the initiative is designed to put in place a ‘management system’. This will have at its core a ‘Daily Management System’ for each patient journey pathway, in a sense a daily ‘ward round’ on processes that will allow for the assessment of the health of the process and strengthen understanding of how to make it ‘healthier’.

Work began in mid-November 2014 with a ‘cohort’ of twenty staff from four hospitals and one each from the District office and Provincial office. A team consisting of a ‘Master Facilitator’ assisted by a Co-Facilitator and supported by two ‘Apprentice’ facilitators has worked with the cohort members through a series of interventions leading to four ‘coaching and mentoring’ days per facility per month. The coaching and mentoring has as its target the development of the Daily Management System in the main three stages of the outpatient journey: waiting for the patient folder, waiting for to be seen at a clinic, and waiting to receive prescribed medicines at the pharmacy.

The presentation will describe the story thus far. One of the participating hospital CEOs will share the stage and talk about their own involvement and experience of what is taking place.