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Lean Transformation requires learning a new way of thinking and acting by addressing key questions of Purpose, Process and People.

Align PURPOSE, PROCESS and PEOPLE whilst nurturing a learning culture.

Get the competitive edge through a relentless focus on customer value and working smarter.

Enrich your learning, balance your work-life and transform the organisation.

Forge a new way of thinking and acting.


What we Do


Advance your knowledge and application.

Our programmes and workshops are certified by the Lean Institute Africa . . .


Support to your improvement journey.

Need sound advice from experienced strategic and implementation advisors . . .


Join our community.

To encourage the African lean community to advance their lean thinking and practice . . .


The Lean Institute Africa is a non-profit company promoting lean thinking in sub-Saharan Africa. We are a proud member of the Lean Global Network comprising more than 30 institutes globally.  Founded by Jim Womack and Dan Jones, the network is a community of thought-leaders and practitioners with the goal of making things better

Our vision is to contribute to better organisational outcomes and quality of life by advancing Lean Thinking and Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

We aim to achieve our vision by building the community of lean practitioners through co-learning partnerships, action research and knowledge sharing.


Global Institutes



Dr. Jim Womack

Dr. Jim Womack

Founder and Advisor of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) Inc.



Founder and Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy United Kingdom.

Emeritus Prof. Norman Faull

Emeritus Prof. Norman Faull

Founder and Chairman of the Lean Institute Africa.

client Feedback

“The idea that I can try and improve my own work processes, reduce waste and keep my work area well managed, clean and organised.”

client Feedback

“The simplicity and clear manner in which the workshop was presented. The facilitator conveyed the message and principles of lean in a manner in which any lean ‘beginner’ can understand.”

client Feedback

“The way in which we should go about adding value and problem solving. To be active about it – “Go see”. Be open minded and how to apply ways to benefit a system.”

Head Office

+27 21 406 1477

Graduate School of Business
UCT Breakwater Lodge
V&A Waterfront
Cape Town

Our Global Network


African Kaizen Awards

Our Chairman, UCT Graduate School of Business Emeritus Professor, Norman Faull, will be one of the judges of the African Kaizen Awards (AKA) Examination Committee. The Awards are part of the African Kaizen Conference 2019, organised by JICA and NEPAD, taking place in...

A crazy little thing called change

COLUMN – In her first column, the author reflects on the role of leadership in striking a balance between the enthusiasm for change and the need to involve everyone in a transformation. Words: Rose Heathcote, CEO, Lean Institute Africa I had a terrific time this past...

Industry 4.0 or Lean 4.0?

Atlantis Foundries was able to achieve zero defects for three months in a row thanks to machine learning. Here's why the human component can't be discounted. Cape Town is sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of South Africa”. Yet, it was a pleasant surprise to learn...

Is Lean an outcome…or what you do?

For a while I have been thinking about the possible impact of using the name Lean to describe the activities or programme to transform an organisation into the new way of working and thinking. It felt serendipitous then, that shortly after pondering this I came across...

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