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COLUMN – In her first column, the author reflects on the role of leadership in striking a balance between the enthusiasm for change and the need to involve everyone in a transformation.
Words: Rose Heathcote, CEO, Lean Institute Africa

I had a terrific time this past week with our team at the Lean Institute Africa. There’s nothing better than a little face-time, a catch-up over coffee and just connecting with the team you care for. They are the people delivering value for our customers, so I believe it’s important to give them personal attention and heart-felt appreciation. And the cherry on top is to spend time with them in our beautiful city of Cape Town.

Like everyone, we have our pressure points. We have a number of things we’re trying to get done and, if I’m honest, we have a lot on our plates. Borderline too much. Although we have a large local and international support network, we are a small team with big ideals (check out our vision when you get a chance), and it can be challenging to pick the activities we want to donate our scarce time to. But I can’t help bursting with pride over our team, because each and every one of us is passionate about what we do, and that takes us further than if this were just a job. We are a gang of rebels with a cause, rising in opposition of waste, and our cups run over with a feeling of ‘job’ satisfaction.

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