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Review written by Jimmy Psillos, CEO of Crystal Candy in Zimbabwe who is actively involved with the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries and chairs the Economics and Banking Committee of the chamber.

Zimbabwean businesses are struggling to compete in a very tough business environment.Finding an effective turnaround strategy is something much needed for many businesses in Zimbabwe. Increasing productivity and lowering costs are fundamental to being able to compete commercially, both locally and internationally.

Art Byrne is a master of strategising and implementing business turnarounds. He specialises in buying struggling businesses and ‘turning them around’ using Lean leadership and filtering lean thinking and practice throughout the organisations. In this engaging book, Byrne gives an excellent overview of the recommended steps that are required to institute a lean transformation in any business.

Byrne takes the reader through a lean transformation journey, highlighting the key steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid. The examples that Byrne gives of the value created from previously struggling businesses are, in my opinion, mind-blowing. This is a valuable read for any leader seeking to understand the benefits of lean management and how lean techniques can form the basis of an effective turnaround strategy for business.

The book has inspired Jimmy to begin and lead a lean journey at Crystal Candy. They have engaged local consultants and have started a pilot in one department.